Are Stay-At-Home Moms More Depressed Than Working Moms?

The age old question for young moms! To go back to work or not? I myself am not a mother but I can see how you would be torn. It definitely depends on the individual.

A study published in the American Journal of Family Psychology suggests that new moms who go back to work part time are less likely to become depressed than non-working moms. They surveyed just over 1300 women and they also found the health of working moms was better than the stay-at-home moms! Interesting.

They said work may provide women with support and resources they don’t get at home, and women who are at home all day with their kids may be more stressed because of it — until the kids go to school. Now granted this study is only US based, it would be very interesting to see the differences from other countries and cultures.

I know when I am a mom I definitely want to be at home then gradually go back to work as my child gets older. It is a matter of balance and personality preference and what your financial situation is.

My ideal situation would be to have a business I can run from home that I can always have my “me” time even while I have a baby.

I want to hear from you new moms out there with small children, do you prefer to stay at home or go back to work part time?

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