Anyone Else Have A Problem With Size 12 Models Being Considered “Plus Size”?

I just read about a new range of lingerie by Fashion Guru Gok Wan for Simple Be which is “guaranteed to make you look and feel like a goddess” as it says on the website. To promote the range they did a shoot with Plus-size model Michelle from Milk Model Management who is a size 12. The theme of the shoot was an homage to the theatrics of Showgirls, for Slink Magazine which is a publication dedicated to plus size and curvy women.

Now before your eyeballs pop out of your head, by fashion industry standards, size 12 is considered “plus size”.

Is it just me or does anyone else find that it is a bit odd that normal women like Michelle and the rest of us aren’t considered “fashion industry standard” but that we would technically fit into the plus size category? Who makes this “standard” anyway? And if most of the women in the world are size 12 and up, why aren’t WE considered industry standard?

How do we as the majority change the status quo so that it is the other way around? When do the too-skinny “heroine chic” models become the fringe minority instead of curves and boobs and bottoms?

I am so grateful that magazines like Slink exist and that designers like Gok Wan can create something as beautiful as this, but why is it that the targeted women are considered marginalized because they aren’t the fashion standard? I swear sometimes all the high fashion labels and houses exist just to please each other, not the actual masses. Fair enough. Good for them. Pat yourselves on the back.

But when us as consumers are pointed in the direction of the plus size racks of our favorite department store  because of the “industry rules” then something has gone askew.

I am not against the Victoria’s Secrets, the La Perla’s the Fredericks of Hollywood’s etc. But there shouldn’t have to be a “special seating section” when it comes to promoting lingerie for, let’s face it, what women in the real world want.

Size 12 is not Plus Size!! Just take a look at the shoot below, you will see what I mean. Anna Wintour I would love if someone as powerful as you would use your influence to take a stand. I know you have a big powerful important job, running Vogue, but imagine how much MORE of an audience you would reach if you dedicated at least one editorial spread in each issue to what you call a “plus size” shoot. Go on, I dare ya!

What do you think of this new lingerie range for Simple Be? Would you buy it? Does it annoy you that a size 12 is considered plus size?


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  1. So weird. I just googled my name (as one does), saw one of my SliNK shots and came across your article 🙂 Really enjoyed the read 🙂 Thanks xx

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