Anorexic Girl Receives ‘Fan Mail’ From Others Wanting To Copy Her

Eating disorders are no joke, and should not be touted in any way as some sort of “thinspiration”. Unfortunately there are so many misconceptions about what eating disorders are, what they look like and how they manifest. It is important to be aware of the danger signs and talk to people if you are worried you may be facing a battle with one of them.

One of the most effective ways to help people in life is to share your story and testimony. People relate to real people, and want to be able to identify with struggles so they know they aren’t alone.

Meet Valeria Levitin, 39, who suffers from an extreme form of anorexia nervosa. She has been described as ‘The World’s Thinnest Woman’ weighing in at just 56 pounds, and has been battling the eating disorder for nearly 20 years. The most shocking part is Valeria says she receives “fan mail” from people wanting to know how she stays so thin so they can copy her.

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Valeria is appalled at this and has now made it her mission, despite her cripping illness, to speak out against the disease. She says “I am not going to teach them how to die. It is not a game, it is not a joke, it is your life. I want to share my story to help sufferers and their families from repeating my fate. Anorexia has made me lonely, unattractive and repulsive for the people around me.”

Her heartbreaking predicament will hopefully aid her own recovery as she attempts to prevent other young girls from becoming like her. She says she wants young people to live happy healthy lives and not be robbed of the chance of doing this by developing an eating disorder.

The crippling disorder has taken such a toll on her that she can no longer remember what bread tastes like. Her daily diet now includes only fruit, one small meal of meat and vegetables. Many foods have to be avoided because they don’t agree with her body any more.

Valeria as a child

California Eating Disorder treatment center Rebecca’s House say that most people suffering with anorexia are consumed with thoughts about their body, weight and food all day every day. It becomes an intense fear of becoming “fat” that fuels their obsession to become vegetarian, or start other fad diets.

They say recovery starts with tackling your thought system and getting to the root of the problem. Food is not the first issue, there are other circumstances that usually lead sufferers to focus on their eating habits in a bad way. Perhaps it was a personal insult or a passing comment in high school that made them think bad about themselves?

We are highly impressed that Valeria is choosing to help others and prevent more illness. It can’t be an easy task, and it is heartbreaking to hear that she has suffered with the disease for so long. It is hard to believe, looking at the pictures above, that Valeria was once a picture of health. You would never think an eating disorder like this would attack someone so young and beautiful. However it can happen to anyone and is a real issue with young girls that must be spoken about more.

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If you are suffering with an eating disorder, or are unhappy with your body image and know you need help, please talk to someone. If you don’t know where to turn, get in touch with us and we can point you in the right direction to achieving a healthy lifestyle and make the most out of your life. Don’t allow an eating disorder or what anyone says to you to rob you of your full potential.

We certainly wish Valeria all the best and that she too one day will recover. Let her life be an example that this is not how you want to end up.


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