Actor Chris Gethard Urges Men To Cool It With The Sexism


You may be slightly familiar with comedian and actor Chris Gethard if you’ve ever watched ‘The Office’ or ‘Broad City’. But in the aftermath of the Santa Barbara shooting and the #yesallwomen viral online conversation which happened, you may have come across some of his comments and writings online.

He penned an insightful piece on his Tumblr about how women don’t owe men anything. In lieu of the SB shooter Elliot Rodger who released videos expressing his hate toward the women who rejected his sexual advances, Chris penned some of his thoughts on his experiences and the issue of gender violence in general.

His argument was that while there are plenty of young boys who go through awkward adolescent phases and can identify with a lot of what Elliot Rodger was feeling toward women, that doesn’t excuse his actions and should NEVER be a valid reason to hate women.

Change yourself and the world changes around you. Work on yourself, figure out how to bring your best qualities to the forefront, figure out how to stop apologizing for and hiding from the things you don’t like about yourself. Most importantly, stop apologizing for the things you do like about yourself. Be strong, be courageous, and be the real you. Change the things about your behavior that are holding you back, and stick to your guns on the things other people aren’t getting that you really believe in. Change yourself, change your circumstances, and carve out your own world that you do fit into.

And what I’m definitely not saying is “The world is right – you don’t fit in, so change.” What I am saying is – “You are you, and that is great, and there is someplace for you, so find your voice, use it, and find the people who do want to hear it, every day, because they’re out there and waiting and they’re lonely too, and you can help each other.”

So what makes him the expert on these matters? Because he actually tried this method, got over his anger and insecurity as a shy geeky kid who none of the girls spoke to in highschool, and later this year will be getting married to his fiance. Seems like this dude has got some awesome things to say and it’s always more effective for men to hear it from their own kind.

He made a video for NowThis News giving men some funny, but spot-on reasons why hating women is only going to make things worse for themselves in the long run.

“Know that if you really are someone who feels scorned by women, participating in villainizing women will only lead to a vagina-free life that you really deserve,” he points out. “The second you post on one of these message boards, it should be legally bound you never find love.” Can’t argue with that!

Also, Chris ensures he gets the message across that it’s not as if women have it entirely easy in the world.

“Sure, a pretty girl will get into a club before you do, but you know what else a hot girl has to deal with? Six dollars less an hour than I would get for the same job. Even though I’m lazy.”

While it is a mostly funny take on the men who despise women, it is still part of a very relevant and very important conversation. Men need to be just as involved as women. So thank you Chris for lending your voice to the cause, because in reality, #allmencan!


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