9 Year Old Bullied Schoolgirl Gets The Ultimate Revenge On Her Tormentors

Breanna Bond is a name you should remember because she has done something pretty remarkable. Hers is a story that will hopefully inspire so many other young school girls who are also currently being bullied.

Weighing an unhealthy 186 pounds, other school children called her names like “fatty” which would have no doubt damaged her self esteem and confidence.

But instead of fighting back or giving into the victim mentality, her parents Heidi and Dan Bond decided to take matters into their own hands. They helped Breanna lose weight and devised a healthy meal plan for her. The California-based family began exercising and eating healthy food together, making it a team effort.

Pretty soon Breanna managed to lose a whopping 66 pounds, and was able to now join the swim team and play basketball with friends, something she was not able to do before due to her excessive weight slowing her down.


We are so happy that Breanna not only lost weight and implemented a healthy regime into her life, but that her and her parents decided to fix their own problems instead of just focusing on what others were doing. Bullying is never ok, and should not be the motivating factor for anyone to lose weight or change themselves. But it is refreshing to see someone use something negative for positive fuel.

The Biggest Loser (US) season 14 starting January 6, 2013 will for the first time tackle child obesity and will feature 3 teenagers. We think this is a huge deal especially in a country like America. We hope stories like Breanna’s and the three teens about to hit TV screen early next year will further inspire young girls and boys in their personal weight loss journey. It’s not just about losing weight, but about gaining a healthy lifestyle and perspective.


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