18 Year Old Girl Thanks Bullies And Cites Them As The Reason For Her Strength

Florida teenager Mariana Cruz has been a victim of bullying at her high school for quite some time. After suffering as she did, even going as low as self-harm, she decided enough was enough and spoke out about her ordeal, in an effort to help others.

She shared her story on the I Oppose Bullying facebook page about the way she was bullied for her weight and how she was treated, and as a result, the response was overwhelming! So far is has over 12 000 comments, and over 200 000 likes and was only posted on January 21st.

Here is her story:

My name is Mariana im 18 and this is my story…Ive always been over weight. I remember in middle school, our teacher took the class to the gym, Well when we were about to leave.. i was coming down the bleachers and i tripped. Everyone made fun of me, Especially this one girl who brought it up almost every day…Of course a fat girl falling is so funny. No one really cared if i was okay only the teacher cared.When i got to high school it got worst.. everyone was more judgemental…Almost everyone ignored me or made fun of me.. Sophomore year it got worst…i had gained more weight by then … it got so bad that i would only show up to school a couple times a week.. i went from getting A’s and B’s to getting F’S…

i would constantly cut myself and take a lot of pain relievers..hoping it would help take my pain away.Once my mom found out that i wasn’t going to school. and that i was harming myself.. she took me to Directions for Living .. i mean it did help..she also decided if i stayed at that school i was never going to graduate so..i went to a drop out prevention school..i got a little better there.. i was still being ignored but not as many people made fun of me.. i got my grades back up too..you know what hurt me the most ..

one day (i will never forget this day) my dad was out side drinking with his friends..well i don’t know what got into him but he start to make fun of me 🙁 i hurt so much my own dad making fat jokes about me..this is when i decided i had to change..and i did change. at first i started to starve my self..but i had no energy and i always felt bad like if i was going to faint . so i signed up at a gym and started eating healthier..after losing the weight the way I was treated before and after was really different. when I was fat people would get up and move if i sat in a desk near them..

Nobody wanted to be my partner in class. after I lost the weight people had finally noticed me. They finally started allowing me to sit with them. They finally stopped laughing when I walked in the room. The jokes I’m sure they use to say about me stopped. I was no longer the “fat freak” they ignored,. and I am currently suffering from self esteem issues because of how I was treated before…. but you know what i actually wanna thank everyone who bullied me because with out them i don’t think i would be as strong as i am today..

Marianna Cruz

For those of you out there who are in school or are a victim of bullying of any sort, please do not be afraid to speak up and share you experience. There are many more people out there who are looking to you for strength and courage. If you are looking for a way to share your story online or have been a victim of cyber-bullying, post it on the facebook page linked above.

Have you been a victim of bullying? Share your story with us below.

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