10 Mandatory Tips For Staying Healthy During The Glutton Season

We all want to keep that trim, taught and terrific figure this season, even while indulging in our favorite Christmas dinners, drinks, snacks etc.

While it is not about trying to achieve an unrealistic standard of perfection, staying healthy is always a good goal to have in mind no matter what season it is.

Our friends at The Brown Paper Bag Nutrition And Wellness have shared with us exclusively some mandatory rules all you ladies will be able to take advantage of, no matter which hemisphere you are located in. Surviving the festive season has never been easier to navigate!

The Brown Paper Bag Nutrition and Wellness

1. Eat before you go.
Starving yourself before your event will only make you gorge on food you might regret later. Eating a balanced meal before hand will enable you to make conscious healthy decisions with your brain, not your stomach.

2. Take your own plate of savories or healthy treats
This way you always have that “safe” option. If you bring something you know you will want to eat and enjoy, you won’t have to worry about there not being anything else at the spread for you. This is always a good option for people with allergies, wheat or dairy intolerances or vegetarians and vegans.

3. Be aware of calorie laden canapés (fried and pastry items)
They may taste great, but the more you eat the more your feelings will sour toward these items! Everything in moderation. If you do choose to reach for the pastries, be sure to balance it out with other healthier options also. Vege sticks and fresh fruit from a platter work well.

4. Check if there is a substantial item being served I.e. noodle bowl, pail or small plate
Knowing what food to expect at a party is always a good idea. This way you can plan ahead with what items you bring, what you eat beforehand, and it means you have read the invitation 😉

5. Mix wines with soda water and add extra ice
This works especially well with the sparkling wines, prosecco, and even champagne. It still gives you that bubbly high, while ensuring you stay slightly more hydrated (and sober!)

6. Avoid cocktails
A lot of different types of alcohol and soda/soft drinks get mixed into cocktails. This can add to your calorie count and also leave you with a nasty hangover the next day. Remember, the sweeter the cocktail, the more dangerous they can be. If you can’t name everything in your drink and you are unsure, stick to wine.

7. Add lemons and limes to sweeten drinks if necessary
A healthier natural alternative to sugar.

8. Always have a water in between each alcoholic drink
The cardinal rule for any night out where drinking is involved. This will prevent those awful hangovers, leave you feeling more in control and enables you to enjoy your night.

9. Don’t feel pressured to over drink or eat
Set your own standards and limits and stick to them. You will feel much better about it the next day 🙂

10. Enjoy being social, don’t limit yourself to staying home because you feel ‘guilty’. Remember everything in moderation, including moderation!
It is the festive season after all, and with so many awful stories dominating news headlines and the internet every day, use this as an excuse to spend time with friends family and colleagues. This is the one time of year you may get this chance, so take advantage of it.

Christmas-party Stock picture


Lots of water before going to bed as alcohol is dehydrating.
Upon waking drink warm (boiled/filtered) water with the juice of half a lemon to flush the liver and stimulate detox.

Ensure you eat a healthy breakfast to help you manage the day after (if it has been a big night in particular)
Foods rich in B vitamins as these are flushed out of your system with alcohol:
Whole grains, legumes, spirulina, asparagus, nuts, seeds, avocado
Foods that stimulate your liver and aid in detox
Bitter and sour foods : grapefruit, lemon, lime, rocket, radicchio, artichoke, beetroot

Let’s get festive and enjoy the holidays! Stay tuned for some healthy sweet and savory organic recipes which you can make yourself this season…


Jacqueline Allwill

Jacqueline Alwill is the founder of The Brown Paper Bag Nutrition And Wellness and is a mom to 2 year old Jet. She conducts health and wellness workshops around Sydney, Australia, and is a regular at the Bondi Beach Farmers Markets selling organic products. Her organization offers holistic and inspiring guidance in diet and nutrition, cooking, fitness and living for optimal health. For more information you can contact her direct: jacqueline@thebrownpaperbag.com.au





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