Ten Year Old Girl Fends Of Burglars With Nerves Of Steel

10 year old Paitlyn Mock from Washington has been praised as a home-town hero with nerves of steel after men broke into her home while she was sick from school recently. Her mom had gone to a local store to get some food for Paitlyn, when she repeatedly heard the doorbell ringing.
She was always told to never answer the door to anybody while home alone and did just that. Soon the men broke through a window and Paitlyn locked herself in the pantry and called 911.
Her bravery and calmness in a potentially dangerous situation has been lauded by local authorities, who did manage to arrive on the scene just in time to capture one of the intruders.
The 911 dispatcher instructed her to sneak outside, and wait for her mom and the police.
What a brave young girl! She was able to stay calm, give the right information and listen to instructions from the emergency services.
Listen to the ordeal in this video:

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